Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Preparing to return home...

Preparing to return...

A famous phrase was originally coined from the movie “Love Story” in the early seventies. The simple quote “Love is, never having to say you’re sorry”, was seemingly “bronzed” in movie quote history to the point when anyone hears it, people think of none other than Ryan O’Neal and Ally McGraw from the same movie name.

Realistically, if that phrase isn’t just the most misconstrued misconception! The truth of the matter is “Love is, *always* having to say sorry” in my own humble opinion.

Today I sit here at my laptop actively seeking to deal with the subtle hints from within emails, telephone conversations and cell phone texts to get with the program and update my blogging posts. I am so behind! Apologies for the possible flood of posts to come...wink.

Truthfully – I will begin to lift my red flag higher and higher every time I have a bunch of family come to visit, and deal with the fallout certainly everyone feels afterwards from all the heart swelling physical emotion from those recent heartfelt and sincere “I love you”, wet drippy tears falling from eye sockets, consoling little ones who don’t understand why they cry themselves to sleep when missing everyone already, so soon after their plane takes off. For these times, we have developed and coined a new phrase within the family; “Love is, never having to say GOODBYE.”

When the time came for everyone to gather at the airport Sunday evening, both vans became filled to capacity with people and luggage. We knew very shortly, that our family phrase above would be verbally spilled bravely from every mouth, imminently ahead once again when all the hugging, kissing, and praying silently for safe journeys had to occur, all within the walls of the airport waiting area. Eventually all passengers were summoned to begin heading forward to the airport security, gathering in another waiting area until such time as they would soon board their plane together. Our son and his family would connect to another flight while our older daughter would remain in another eastern city on business.

Beforehand, there was some hesitation when the power suddenly went down in the airport while we were waiting and booms of thunder roared overhead with lightning filling the surrounding areas in view from the windows inside. It wasn’t a great evening to fly, especially in lieu of the fact that they were going to have to fly around at the same HUGE and SEVERE storm in progress, flashes of bright lightning filling the skies and tornado funnels being reported on the local news all about. The flight was on time and proceeding, so they all began to board in anticipation of heading towards their destinations, while we cheered to them and waved to them from afar. And it was there I uttered a few more silent prayers, asking for a hedge of protection around them while in the air. Thank you Jesus!

They would all later tell us of their very incredible bumpy ride to their next airport location, fearful at some points, holding little ones and baby tightly. Thankfully all arrived at their locations safely, while in the east here, yet another storm wreaked havoc AGAIN, at approximately the same time yesterday afternoon. Actually we watched the storm in progress south of us, and the sun seemed to remain here, even after I had to scoop up all the laundry on the clotheslines and bring them inside. Yep, just another summer stormy afternoon here, shaking my head as I type this up.

Today, I have much more of course and the day is gorgeous for trying again to hang up the mound of laundry. THIS is one of my finest hours, glancing out at these items waving to me in the wind. Love it!