Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recovery and taking moments of solitude on purpose

and taking moments of solitude on purpose

This afternoon I thought I was on a roll, thrilled with the prospect of satisfying a few shoulder tappers within the family by updating the blog with more, more, more. And then, my blog host went down on maintenance hours. As I peaked back tonight however, I think I’ve lost my oomph a bit, so I’ll get another post up before heading off to bed. At least that’s the plan.

Between the hotel and vehicle air conditioning during our last road trip, back to back with our summer stormy heat and melting points having to render usage of the air conditioning in the home for many days in a row, I awoke over a week ago with a terrific wallop of bronchitis. There was no easy onset for me, just a BAM, hitting me hard.

Am I the only one who gets health issues resulting from too much canned air?

Golly, it was something else to wake up and suddenly feel like a huge infection had settled deep within during my dreamy slumber the night before, the overhead fan also working nonstop to keep us cool in the night on top of the continually humming air conditioning.

There have been times when I feared it might be contagious, but realize it’s just me and my body loathing summer’s canned air. I’ve encountered similar incidences when traveling from winter here to some summer location, canned air in hotels, rental vehicles and airplanes.

With no voice abilities upon occasion (like Father’s day when I called my dad to wish him a wonderful day!), recovery stages were sometimes necessary. In the middle of the night I would try to shake the coughing fits keeping me awake at night, or first thing in the morning.

I’m finally feeling the brunt of this is behind me, opting for keeping windows open as often as possible instead of the air conditioning unit blasting through the house. Comfort for me is one thing, health is quite another. When my hubby returns from work, he requires an air conditioning controlled environment, so we turn it on again at that time. Until then though, I suck back as much natural outdoor air as possible down deep within, continue to hydrate and drink lots of liquids, and douse my throat inside and out with wild oil of oregano.

"Viva Italiano"... hasn’t just been our cheer during soccer lately, I stink like oregano and everyone thinks pasta is being prepared in the kitchen.

NOPE, it’s moi!

“Eau de oregano” HERE or sometimes when required this hotter one HERE by Young Living has been giving me great relief. It works so well when rubbed externally down my neck for sore or dry throats or internally when necessary.

Oh, and my Chinese cough syrup I used to give to my son (he once claimed it was the only thing that gave him relief ever) with bronchial issues and allergy induced asthma. It does indeed work great, but when my patience began to run out in the wee hours of the morning trying not to arouse the other family members trying to sleep (babies included), I just held that dropper over my opened mouth and dropped several drips onto the very back of my tongue to get them dribbling down into the area requiring it. Within a few minutes I could once again take a deep breath without coughing, and begin to settle down for the rest of the night.

And in the vehicle, it’s so much better feeling the wind running through my hair with the windows down, though bad poufy/big hair days are visiting me with the humidity attached to the heat. Just ask my daughter in law, big hair syndrome was in top form while she clicked photos of me. *smile*

On that note, I’ll change to topic a bit, but actually it goes hand in hand with how I’ve been feeling lately.

A Quiet Place...

Everyone has a place of refuge, a place where they can obtain a bit of solitude when in dire need of recovering, even if it might be around others in the same area. My daughter in law and myself discussed this general topic while she was visiting with me, and both of us agreed we were people who recover well with chunks of solitude. Even Jesus went out into the desert to pray, so should we.

The photo below is one such place where favorite times of the day include the early morning, where I frequent with a hot cup of coffee. Later in the day I also find myself attracted and longing to sit yet again for a respite, where I seek a quiet corner, poised to watch the sun set before me. Better than any movie, it’s live and offers me such recovery moments.

A Quiet Place

Whispering winds that echo's in my mind
Stalking sea breezes
Trees, tall trees
towering above me
Manipulating my soul to be still
very still
In a Quiet place

I light two candles, one at a time
Standing between them both
hoping to find
A quiet place
Where I can indulge into complete style


A Quiet place, where there is no laughter
No pain, no noise, no hard rain
A quiet place, I'll sustain
A quiet place, I'll proclaim
A quiet place, just for me!

A quiet corner with a favorite chair, step or something to lean on gives a blessing to us, like a soothing balm to a busy lifestyle, even if we haven’t stepped foot out of the house all day long. As mothers, we seek it, we long for it, however brief, each day. It’s ours for the taking, do you take?

To give thanks in solitude is enough.
Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go.
Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.

~ Victor Hugo

I am so thankful for our family visit with everyone and rejoice for the memories made. It was most interesting to feel united to all our older children and their spouses during this visit although they were still out west. They called, and kept abreast of the visiting over here, our hearts turning toward one another for sure.

The morning after everyone flew up into the stormy skies, later answering a reassuring telephone call at 2am they had landed safely again, and consequently after a hearty bit of coughing, it was time to rise. I woke,dressed and then headed out on the road towards the airport once more to send my hubby off for a business trip shortly after 4:30am. Upon my return afterwards, I decided a warm blanket and cup of coffee would allow this weary soul moments of solitude before every else stirred. I glanced outdoors and became suddenly attracted to my chair on the back deck after I saw the first sign of the sun rising. The dew had kissed every surface with moisture, visually apparent on all of the deck furniture, so the blanket was an added benefit to sitting out there so early in the morning. Once I became settled, I became cozy warm and comfy, and it was then I began to sip my hot cuppa morning brew ever so gently.

Without too much prodding, it became apparent to me such a sight would be great to capture on my camera, snapping photos during timed intervals as it headed upward into the skies above.

I thought of the loved ones who had just departed the evening before, and the loved ones living in the west. This one is FOR YOU!

“May the road rise up to meet you,
may the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall softly on your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

~ Irish Blessing

"Morning has broken" I thought, and what a lovely morning it was this day! I sat spellbound in complete solitude, morning devotionals well on their way in thanksgiving for such a moment seized on impulse. I felt like this was my quiet place during these morning hours, and most definitely it was!

"If you truly want to bless others in your life,
you must seek out those experiences that
keep you motivated and inspired"

~ Thomas Kincaid

Just before this new morning was completely broken, a squirrel sauntered over to the bird feeders to find his treats (see right feeder below) before the birds came to peck at him in an attempt to scare him away again. And then, when my smile became even more pronounced over that simple scene, four sleepy headed children eventually rose to ask "what's for breakfast?"

It was then God had answered my prayers and continues to bless me over and over again. He knew I required this quiet solitude. He knew everything I was feeling emotionally during these wee hours. I am so thankful!

Tonight, I am also thankful for feeling a bit spryer just in time for our annual homeschooling trip to the waterslides. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee, and it’s supposed to be HOT, with another severe thunder storm warning in the afternoon. Here we go!

And guess what? This post wasn't intentionally meant to be long winded and super photo intensive, but I've just noted how late it has become, so I will see you all tomorrow. Goodnight my family and friends, God be with you!