Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Fairy Juice

Summer Fairy Juice

She was eager to make this drink last week with her niece, the two of them constantly floating around the house while playing fairies together. However, the time flew by and poor grand-daughter must be back in the west remembering the "fairy party" wasn't able to take place at Nana's house. boohoo

I was presented with this...

"Nasturtium's fairy nectar", don't you know?

Today, our daughter froze various berries in the ice cube tray, and decided it was time to treat the rest of us to this lovely and most satisfying drink when we entered the house from spending the morning outdoors weeding in the gardens altogether.

Trimming and weeding in the back altogether,
we had to halt by noon due to the heat...

and oncoming storm, yet again!