Monday, June 02, 2008

Ball hockey playoff night

Ball hockey playoff night!

or subtitled...

How the farmer affected the ball hockey players...

Across the street...farmer action!

Across the street from our home, the farmer finally plowed down the old corn field. This year we will have soybeans in the fields across the street, at least that is what we are told, making the landscaping interesting and different yet again. As with any field plowing, all the farmland bugs scoot and come visit our property, or it appears so.

This past Friday evening while everyone paraded in and out of the house to see our cool chicks, the final season evening of the ball hockey spring challenge was taking place on our sports court.

As with any sport, even the best of athletes can overheat given the additional circumstances of added warmth from a lovely humid day. As the boys overheated, two older ones were in great need of cooling off on a shift change, and I could just swear I saw a cloud of bugs head straight for their sweaty skin! Shirts were the better option to little wee black bugs decorating chests and backs. This could only happen in the country when the field across the street is freshly plowed right? hee hee

The bulk of the players were present, 2 were missing.

As if becoming "sticky" from assorted foreign insects wasn't enough for some, a roll of hockey tape found near the players resting until their next games presented some very unique facial imaging, where the fun began in earnest to see who could outdo the last. Here are a few funnies to leave you with...


Did you spot him in the group photo?

He won entertainer of the night!