Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beaching it today

Beaching it today

Our son and his family, tourists in our eastern parts

With hundred degree plus weather in recent days, it sounded like a wonderful idea to take all the children and head to the beach today.

All the little ones were so very excited and packed the vehicles full with beach toys, water shoes, towels and a packed lunch.

Here are a few scenes from our day today...

Once at the water's edge, the wind was picking up and waves were plentiful for jumping over them in water games the children made up with one another. We didn't actually think they would get into the water as it was a bit chilly with the wind factor, however, it was no surprise to find three of them soaking wet in no time at all.

Children have a way to find the simple in everything. Today they found "simple" in jumping over waves, working with a bit of wet sand, and squealing their little hearts out for all the world to see that "Life is good!".

I suppose with the continued warm weather forecast, we may just have to hang out at the beach again this Friday as the temperatures head upwards to one hundred degrees yet again. Oh darn! LOL

Clothesline lessons really do work.

(The children looked after this for me just fine.)

Oh, and needless to say, the children are all snug in their beds tonight, sound asleep from the day's events.