Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This blog has always held the musings of life in the east for our family after a work transfer brought us here.

I'll confess right here, right now, there is something I miss from living in the west. You in turn will ask me of course, what it could be, right?

Oh, relax. It's just a silly thing really. Today I sit bleary eyed, road tripping in a hotel lobby. I'm gulping my coffee as I sit on my laptop, trying, no really attempting to keep my eyes open. True confessions are plenty for me this day...snicker.

I miss being able to jump on the bandwagon during NHL playoffs, and being able to watch the final games on Pacific time (LOL), rather than sit on the edge of my seat waving a colored towel and cheering for a specific team, trying to shush everyone so we don't wake the others who are attempting to sleep in another room - on eastern time yet, during the wee hours on the next morning. We worked hard last night to stifle and suppress any booming cheers and shouts of "atta boys" to the Pittsburgh goalie "Fleury" for his great game saving skills. What a goalie he has proven to be during the past few games, but last night, he was nothing but "Impressive".

So, last night, during the third overtime of Game 6, the two oldest and I gathered round the screen with the sound down so low due to the exhilaration of the crowd noise oozing from the tv speakers during the live game before us. What a game! Only 34 seconds came between Detroit and the all glorious Stanley Cup win! Imagine! Well, that is until Pittsburgh scored!

We thought the game would never end after the third overtime was clocked in, fighting fatigue to say the least and kept looking at the clock after it struck 12:30am! On and on the game went, and not being bias of course in any way, we were all quietly thinking "Fleury" truly deserved at least another chance to show his stuff. So we routed for another game opportunity for him to play in, hoping secretly for a Game 7 airing Wednesday night, rather than have Detroit win this particular game. We'll have our naps that day, and our popcorn will be freshly popped for the tube time. Yep, I guess you've figured out we are Pittsburgh fans and we must surely be careful around all the local Detroit fans. snicker

(Alison, bet your family is routing for the same, no? :-)