Monday, June 16, 2008

Bunny Love

Bunny Love

Floppy, one of our resident bunnies

Our bunnies quickly become often requested cuddly creatures for all visiting friends and relatives when they discover how sweet they are to behold and embrace. This one particular affectionate resident bunny of ours is named "Floppy", and he tends to win hearts every time someone new meets and greets him, offering glimpses of his charm and acknowledging his loving patience when being handled over and over again.

Awwww, she loves him

Gimme him please! I love him!

Wearing his kitty harness and a leash to secure his actions from fast leaping jumps out of the area of rescuing hands, he became our young grand-daughter's wonderful new toy.

Tangled up and in need of a rescue from mommy

Back onto greener pastures, but his owner is
on the lookout for hawks overhead.

Of course, this new furry friend moved, jumped and allowed her to pull him around when the leash was yanked and he went flying from his footing to her beckon call. She loved him so much, and her mommy thought he was quite lovely too.

Daddy just looked out the window and snickered, thinking surely they might have to also have a bunny back home.