Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Renee has discovered ... even better venue for a steamy latte!

The "Wordless" part is now over...LOL

Is it just my hubby and I who feel like Starbucks is being chintzy with their coffee portions in their latte coffees lately? We find the flavor of coffee barely existent anymore, tasting more like warm milk and not a proper coffee latte these days. This week we've discovered "Second Cup" latte coffees. What a remarkable difference in the taste! And, they even have chocolate sprinkles on top! Whether you like it straight up or decaf, yummy yum! Too bad we discovered them on our travels and there are none of these located near us at home.

And now, back to the hockey game...these two in one room, and the rest in another..

To all the Detroit Red Wing AND Pittsburgh Penguin players. YOU are all winners for making it this far, all the way to Game 6. (I corrected my error, it was NOT game 7, only game 6...thanks Em!)

Congratulations to you all!

What a fine ending to the NHL ice hockey season. (waving my towel for all of you here)...