Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Grandson's Beach boy boogie

My Grandson's
Beach Boy Boogie

Take one small boy initially announcing; "Mommy it's cold, I want my towel", when arriving at the water's edge.

Towel on body. Hat on head. Sunglasses...meh...

Ditching the towel to follow his Uncle to the water, bathing suit a bit wet from a warm puddle along the way, he wonders about the whole idea.

Towel gone. Hat gone. Shirt on. Sunglasses still a good idea.

"This isn't so bad", he thinks, as squeals of laughter become louder and louder.

Towel gone. Hat gone. Shirt gone. Sunglasses still a good idea.

"Wow, that was fun Nana!" he says.

Towel found. Hat still gone. Shirt long gone. Sunglasses still on. Smile on his face.

"Hmmmm, should I go in again? Nah!"

And then, he sits down to take a rest and play with the toys again before eating his lunch. Still happy, he just sits and sits until he sees his Uncle coming to join him on the mat.

The End.