Monday, February 09, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Back in the saddle again

So happy to be back

At the top of her list was a sincere appeal to find a barn filled with horses to ride, and rather than wait until warmer and more tolerable weather, even despite the severely cold temperatures she insisted she won't get too cold.

Cold and snowy days; not the best time
but she insisted all would be well

We found three in our local vicinity to investigate, all on 80-100 acres including horse trail riding time, something she had yet to experience.

So many saddles....

He was curious about my camera and eyeing me

The stable of choice turned out to be a short walk from our home, so heh, no more driving from mom! Always a bonus when I don't have to get in the vehicle with a good read and wait, wait, wait some more.

The lesson in progress

Watching the foal outside

The owner was terrific and her personality resounded someone who knew a girl's heart because she earned our daughters', both of them. Our youngest daughter only rides in summer and a bit in the early fall, but she is chomping at the bit for time to pass by until she can climb onto "Peanut" the horse's pony.

Many horses grace the property and we were told as often as possible the preference was to be outdoors. With miles and miles of trail riding, the possibilities were endless for pleasure riding after the lesson portion of the program.

In fact, when the owner found out our daughter was a homeschooler, she asked if it would be alright to call on her when a corporate trail ride reservation required extra hands to saddle up horses, assist at the farm when her family went on vacation and (the big clincher), come ride with her during warm afternoons just for fun because she has no other riding buddies available in the afternoon.

Trot walk over the poles, a slow beginning
this day with a new extra frisky horse

She was truly a godsend for our daughter, a wonderful woman who has experienced hardships galore, including a young son in remission from leukemia. She understands how it is to live life on the edge and respects how precious life is.

Gaining speed while cantering

With a smile and a bit of frustration, our daughter's horse loved to zoom out the doorways and hit the trails during the lesson in the barn, so all doorways had to be closed tightly. Back in the saddle again, she was in her absolute element...and so was her "tag along" buddy sister who came to watch with me so I could snap photos this day.

An albino horse with red eyes was so very friendly

The bonus at the end of the lesson; a trail ride

At the end of the lesson this week, she was able to trail ride amidst snowy trails. She was elated! Everything in its time....and this is once again - her time.

She too was thrilled to be here,
helping in any way possible

Just look at the horse behind these two!
Something was funny?

(P.S. My toes were completely frozen. I was COLD, but she swears she wasn't. brrrrrrr..)