Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today's Goal

Today's goal is.... get this "before picture" (ahem - oh blah) below into position for a new photo op no later than tomorrow later in the afternoon before my husband arrives home from the hospital for the weekend.

It seemed more organized when still in the moving boxes!

I just LOVE my happy and cheery room with its "celery ice" painted walls.

The white trim and faux white wooden blind offer a nice contrast to the bright color. This room also has there the added and very unexpected additional benefit of obtaining the extra overflow library shelving when we discovered how much smaller our library is in this home compared to our former one. I love to be organized. The shelves will help me out with that area in this room for sure.

And on the topic of moving....I just have to throw this in; I hope I don't have to move again for a very, very long time!

It's when viewing photos like this one that I wonder if everything looked so much better when it was all still inside of the multitudes of boxes they were hauled here in with? I almost get so overwhelmed that throwing everything back into the boxes seems to become a very fine idea. But I shall not. I shall press onward and get my beloved escape craft room/office in fine shape. I'm drooling over all the possibilities of having my sewing machine, serger, office area, and everything else accessible for my bits of mother culture and mother/child crafting time.

Stay tuned when I will soon be able to present the completely overhauled and organized room to you - after a great deal of sweat (and frustration) reigns high for me over the next 24 to however many hours it takes.