Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our baby turns TEN!

Our baby turns

The same day my husband was admitted to the hospital this week was was our youngest daughter's birthday, the day when she left single digit numbers for doubles.

As there are metal allergies in our family, I played it safe with two of the girls and asked them to wait until they were older; a ten year birthday milestone seemed good to do this as there are so many other things to look forward to in later years; makeup, driving, etc..

She won a medal for bravery this day, no tears!

But, it isn't a slight thing when a young gal has nieces with pierced earrings as young as three months old, but she was ultra patient in waiting until this week.

Traditional mom/dad and birthday child
breakfast together was early this year

In lieu of her father entering the hospital on her exact birthday, we had our traditional mom/dad and birthday child (only) out for a birthday breakfast last Saturday, followed by her ears pierced on Monday so her daddy could see before he left. That was something she had asked for; Daddy to be able to see the end results.

Wow, where did those years go?