Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ten things I'm thankful for

Ten things I'm thankful for

1 - Wonderful people; those that take time to show they care. My family, my lifelong friends, my blogger pals, neighbors and everyone in between. I so appreciate you today!

2 - Special people; My wonderful Godfather whom I finally reconnected with two years ago at our 30th wedding anniversary celebration when he and my Godmother Gail flew into town to attend. So suddenly he was taken, and I am so pleased I had the chance to see him once more, and pray for the repose of his soul.

May the souls of the faithfully departed
through the mercy of God,
rest in peace.
Rest in peace dear Uncle.

3 - I just love bright and sunny days no matter how cold or what season it appears. How can anyone be unhappy on a day like this?

4 - Playing with my hubby's ties as we sort through them to rehang on a tie hanger on the wall. Thoughts of him wearing them and looking mighty handsome fill my heart with love for him, especially now that he lives away from us during each week.

5 - one tells you the secrets of living in eastern regions; like going through six bottles of windshield wiper fluid in two months because of the vast amounts of salt used to keep our roads clean and clear. The worst nightmare is finding out when the vehicle is low on fluid. Refills are constantly taking priority these days.

6 - Late birthday gifts from my special sister who just knows how to brighten my days! Can you just see this is my "celery ice" craft room/office area? Ohhh-la-la Thanks Helen!

7 - Still in love with "Cora's Restaurant". Ashley can you just see yourself with one of these strawberry filled crepes? Yum...yum...but there is definitely enough for a doggy bag to cover another meal with the portions served here.

8 - Our beautiful dogs, such loyal friends to the children, guards to the house and warning of rabbits nearby. (smile) Aren't they beautiful?

9 - Taking moments to get my feet up are few and far between while continually tackling more boxes laying about. Those remaining are due to rooms requiring painting and believe me, I AM SICK OF BOXES!!! :-)

10 - Horse barns for my girls, seeing them smile and looking so very happy to be back with their furry pals high above the arena floors.

And as usual, there is SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR each and every day, but best of all this past week are caring nurses and hospital staff who have made my husband's transition into the rehabilitation bootcamp tolerable and surprises that give our hearts an extra pitter-patter when someone waits at the front door at 3am. and calls on her cell phone to say; "Surprise mom, I'm here, now let me the front door!".

Our early morning surprise visitor just waiting here to be found out

Yes, it was a definite surprise to know she had flown through the night from Vancouver to give us this early morning greeting. After a few hugs and fun shocking moments, she asked just to sleep again on the library room couch so when her younger siblings woke up, they too would find her presence a surprise. Talk about moral support!

"Sister Moments" over crossword and logic puzzles

In fact, the best thing in life is raising a large family and reaping the fruits down the road when most have grown and begun families of their own. I am grateful and most thankful for the way all of our children, grown and still living at home, come together for the sake of the family whenever the need arises, how they watch out for one another in our absence, tender care with all our communications, and best of all - for the love they aren't afraid to show each member of our family, at any given moment. Yes, with their own families life becomes busy, but still, when times beckon "coming together", they surround us with their presence any way they can. With great gratitude, we thank them for who they have become and how proud we are of them all.

Love you everyone!