Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lego architecture

Lego Architecture

At its finest, Lego is the best building medium in our home, for use along with the many wooden blocks and other fun stuff lurking in bins, baskets and on tabletops.

We are the lucky owners of a new "Lego room" in our new home, that is an alcove on the upper floor open to the main hallway. It can be transformed into an additional bathroom if someone preferred, but not I (she says....) because it is now the perfect alcove for all the Lego, Duplo, Playmobil, Wooden Blocks and makes an ultra creation and imagination area.

The goal is to find a zippy paint color (my celery ice might not do here though, laugh) and flip through the gallery of family archived photos for pictures of the many Lego creations lovingly made by our eight children and grandchildren, frame them using the BRIGHT colored (and cheap) frames from IKEA, hanging them all up around the room for ideas, inspiration and memories at a glance.

The goal last week was to create a stylish house, perhaps resembling ours. Limited to personally chosen colors (don't they always want to choose the same colors and them deplete the bins?), they improvised well.
Her original roof fell apart while carrying it for a photo op....boohoo, so she improvised here.

A super intricately designed roofing system collapsed when carrying it down the stairs for the photo here, so this creator/designer decided to plop a lovely shade of green lego board on top to suffice rather than rebuild. Poor much work and so disappointed. I just love the way she chose to add a few embellishments for detailing and though I have no photo of rest of the house at hand, she did a marvelous job of detailing porches, garage doors, flower pots, and people inside. So cute!

Vast individual differences occur when two people have their own ideas...

This house above shows mastery for details also, but vast differences occurred when two people set out to build something similar with their individualized choice of detailing. I was able to snap this photo and he happened to bend down just in time to be included in the window. It was completely by accident but I just love the shot.

More of the creations to come no doubt....

Got, have fun with it, use it, work with it, get down on the floor with your children and "create".