Monday, February 02, 2009

Skidoo racing

Ski-doo Races

I'm certain you've heard of motorcross racing as a competitive sporting activity before, right? Well blow me down! This past weekend, there was a buzz in a city not far from our home with the Canada wide Ski-doo racing championships.

On another front, seemingly every gas station located within our vicinity was lined up with colorful ski-doo riders, filling up their tanks to zoom off on a ski-doo trail adventure. It has become so common to see these machines out and about, roaming up and down roads and not just designated trails.

So many riders are cautious about their sport, but there are some who aren't as great as following the rules. Last weekend we drove past a terrible accident where one ski-doo rider drove to fill up his gas tank and thought to ride up the road to his nearby home. Without tail lights, he was hit from behind and what a terrible sight to see his ski-doo in ruins.

For the most part though, I am so tempted to try it out, riding one of them I mean and so are our teens. If there was a rental possible, who knows? But, I will assure you, I'll take out the proper permits and stick to the trails....all the time. :-)