Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week One - done.....and the big surprise awaits!

Week One - done!

....And a big surprise awaits him!

It has been a rough week in all ways; of that admission I won't kid anyone. However while there are difficult moments, there are moments of sweetness to offset them in tender ways unimageable! Week one was done! My hubby was coming home for the weekend and that was reason to celebrate! Wahoo!

Celebratory items were awaiting my hubby's arrival at home;
baskets, cards, posters and so many messages.

We teased my husband he was being allowed out of hospital on a day pass for his good behavior (smile), and when the girls I took the long drive to pick him up, little did he know the surprise awaiting him in the vehicle.

For two days we kept our oldest daughter's arrival a secret and everyone was super careful not to reveal her presence here. Having notified my husband of my arrival, I was careful to park only between the patient pick-up signs and avoid allowing my engine idling as the signs requested.

All three girls were along while the boys awaited the possible arrival of the Internet Satelitte truck (the saga continues still...). Knowing their dad would be descending in the elevator, they ran into the building to wait nearer to the doors to greet him there. Funny thing though, he almost ruined the surprise by exiting out a different set of doors. I wondered for a split second what to say and then just looked at him and mention he needed to go round the other set of doors because some girls needed to greet him there.

Big surprises awaited him. Or was it one waiting for them?

Still, I was pleased not to let it all out of the bag! But, whoa....could I ever here the squeals of laughter and surprise hooting from outside the doors shortly afterwards. Who surprised who I wondered....laugh.

All he wanted to do was be the driver on our way home, to which I gladly obliged because this would be his big ticket to freedom for only a short while.