Monday, February 02, 2009

White on White

White on White

Two days ago 15 inches of snow fell on top of us over the course of the day and early evening. We are amazed at how high packed snow around our property has become, especially since it now hovers somewhere around four feet in total (and that's "packed snow"!).

As white becomes a brightener of our days once the light bounces off of it to create a wonderful symphony of secondary colors, I wanted to present these photos below to you that I really love...

The first is a photo with white daisies, a freshness to them that fills us with the promise of Spring and Summer to come. Oh yes, they do. They seemed oddly available to me somehow especially in lieu of the fact there is still so much snow still present on the ground. But, heh, winter meets spring here and that is a wonderful thought to behold and embrace.

Next is a photo I love of my husband. Our children laughed at me when I presented them with the photo above of me with my arms wide open embracing the ideal of more falling snow. I love snow! But this photo was snapped of my husband, likely to everyone's surprise in 2002. We were able to escape for a weekend to quietly celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. When we woke up the morning after our arrival, we were dumbfounded to find the snow on the ground outside, but rather than feeling all gloomy, instead we took it all in our stride while happily walking through it towards our Empress Hotel High Tea time reservation. So for our family; Revel in this photo because it truly is one of those precious "Memories".... Limitations today could not allow for memories such as this one, so we are learning to make new ones instead.

And while this last photo below is not typically white on white as one would imagine, it definitely has possibilities with all the fun colors dancing through the prisms of the glass. Enjoy!

Okay, okay, so here's one below with more "white on white"