Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moving right along...buttons, facebook and snow again

Moving right along...
buttons, Facebook and snow again

My mammoth project to get my craft room/office completely organized in due time just didn't come to fruition quite like I expected. Instead, if you're reading this you can see what happened when I took a quick java break to keep up my steady rhythm (caffeine, laugh) and how I was suddenly panic stricken and desperately side-tracked to get something back in order here on my blog.

It was a crazy night, and why not. What would a little dullness do for me anyway? LOL

Today, I'm still plugging along in the same room, working hard but there have been a few distractions with content rediscovery in there.

My fabulous button collection is so exciting and fun for me to keep admiring. Smitten by an older woman's button stash when I was a little girl, these remind me of her.

Some of my very favorite things keep popping up before me and my knees grow weak for just a moment while I enjoy touching, feeling, smelling or just reminiscing over them. I've got so much to share with you in the days to come, things uncovered and photos snapped.

My hand wants to run my fingers through them and enjoy the moment delighting in such things. Oh boy, I was sunk for a time....I was.
As if that didn't distract me for long enough, in between while taking water or java breaks (before the blogging template disaster) I found quite a few friends pop up suddenly on my Facebook email requesting me to become friends with them. I was distracted again, but I did have a blast getting back in touch with some old pals, or writing on walls of new friends from the blogging world.

It was our older married children who first insisted we get Facebook savvy to keep connected (in yet another way) outside of emails, instant messenger and cell phone five favorite offers, oh yes, they wanted us on there too.

So we signed up and the rest is history. Since then, we've become in contact with multitudes of extended family, cousins round the globe and almost all our nieces and nephews. My husband's 83 year old mother is even on Facebook and loves the worldwide window it offers her from the comfort of her own home. And then, our children's friends asked us to be friends with them, the highest compliment that left me touched. Love all those people to bits myself, and now we have Facebook together. What a sentimental mommy I am huh, but I truly love watching all our children's friends grow up and keep in touch with them as they journey out on their own?

But, okay, enough of a plug here, if you haven't got Facebook yet, give it a try sometime. You may find it to be fruitful in your life as one way to keep in touch with those you love, admire, revere or just hold longtime friendships with. :-)

Last but not least, we have had a great deal of new snow here in the past 48 hours. In fact, if I were to take out a measuring yardstick, it would read something around 1 1/2 feet!

Naturally we've had to instill snow removal and clean-up around the property and wouldn't you know it, the snow blower went kaput! No such thing as dull here is there?

Okay, back to my project....just later than anticipated due to things beyond my control.... (snicker, snicker)