Thursday, February 05, 2009

For the love of St. Blase

For the love of St. Blase

St. Blaise has to be one of my favorite heavenly saints these days, at least he is highly revered in my mind after my husband's medical diagnosis with severely enlarged trachea and lung issues.

Every February 2, I gather my candles about the house and light them in honor of the Feast day of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (Purification). And then as if that isn't enough to remember candles and their mighty wonder, the following day I race as fast as I can when able with the family to have St. Blase's blessing of the throats on the special feast day administered at the altar. If we are unable to make it that day, the following Sunday it's available to all those who wish it. And boy oh boy, do we ever wish it!

When I ponder both of these days, they seem to blur into one big feast for me especially when I gaze upon the image below. Love it!

And today, with only 24 hours notice, my husband was medically expedited to meet another doctor of respiralogy who will be with him until surgery time. Please if you think of him, could you say a little prayer as he (once again) has to endure another hour long session of pulmonary testings, which tend to leave him utterly exhausted with their difficult exercises on his lungs. We are most grateful for all that has occurred since we moved here. God is good. He is guiding us on our new course and we are walking it with full gratitude. Between our guided walk, the doctors and of course, St. Blaise and our throat blessings, we are surely covered here. (smile)