Thursday, October 23, 2008

Comments and more comments

Comments and more comments...

Just a quick note to mention I have turned off the comment section on the blog, the one that appears under each writing. This action is surely not for the purpose of deterring your continued wonderful comments from blogger land and beyond, rather the bulk of notes we receive are via private emails using the email link located on the blog itself and it's just a thought to simplify for a time by eliminating two ways to communicate with us down to one.

Oh, for sure, oh please - We would still love hearing from you anytime and warmly invite you to keep your comments, notes or letters coming - oh yes, please do!

You'll find the email link on the upper left of the blog and again on the lower right on the side bars. Simply click onto the link and type away. We'll be here waiting.

This note wouldn't be complete without yet again thanking you so much for all your continued kind words, prayers, advice and well wishes.

God Bless!