Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So about catching up here....

Catching up!

I am seriously lagging behind, even though I had intended to catch up last week with y'all. It's not entirely my fault here, begging for mercy and the hope of no rotten tomatoes being thrown my way. :-)

Last week was full of surprises for me. First up, the relocation company for my husband's work decided our Realtor was too poky slow and put the pressure on him to get on with the show. By Tuesday, I had slogged through mounds of decluttering, sorting and filing, while I also moved furniture around, decorated the home for fall and all those wonderful things we do, just because, but this just because became an attempt to perform multiple tasks using the eye of a photographer for great multiple listing photos.

Yes, our poky slow Realtor (the one who was taking the lead from us) got that for sale sign hoisted up in our front yard and it had to be the windiest day in the last month here.

Sharing these photos of my "never to be this tidy" kitchen again.

And at long (!) last, here's a photo of our kitchen counter, breakfast bar renovations. We custom designed the bar area to have a rise for the chairs at the center, and then both smaller stools tuck in, one at each end. A fourth larger swivel chair sits nearby when needed, so we can actually all fit here on any given day, eating our curds and whey and bonding closer.

If you recall, this entire breakfast bar used to have purple counters and was turned the opposite way, cluttering the walkway to the refrigerator, backwards. We turned it around and love it! Our next home must have one of these...

Pretty tidy huh? Hope no one catches us on a school day

So, it's official folks. Our home is on the market and both the photographer and videographer visited our home last week also, giving a reality check when encountering that clutching of the throat feeling I had hoped would not come. We all felt a strangling sensation, and tried to cheer one another up for the rest of the week.

As well last week I was sent by my hubby to travel to the westcoast on business, all alone, without children tagging along this round. As we literally tag teamed from one flight in the later evening to another in the early morning the next day, I still hadn't expected to be up in the air so soon, but there I was taking off into the sunset, er, sunrise very early in the morning on my 6am flight, connecting to another and spending lots of time waiting, loading and sitting.

My trusty laptop was with me and surprise of all surprises, I did blog. I did. I blogged more about Quebec, and it's coming to you shortly as soon as I catch up here...with this catch up. LOL I also plugged my music into my ears, zoned out, and realized I sat next to a playwright who was intently taking notes an
d reading through his next script. Interesting...

As I fetched my rental car, I had just about enough time to meet a son for lunch and get to my scheduled meeting. He and I attended an inspection, and boy did we feel legitimate with our vested garment and helmet that ached my he
ad. It had to be child sized! Wow... Loved that helmet!

While away I pondered many things of course, like spending vast quantities of my spare time, especially with both sets of parents without rushing and hurrying along. It was good to see the older ones, and giggle with the grandbabes.

Grandbabes - God's special gift to us in our middle ages

Every time we travel west, we all try to get together in some form or fashion, this time it happened again and it was good to see my babies no matter how big and old they really have become, for real. snicker.

Time flew, always so much to do, a quick in with a quick exit. So sorry to all my pals, never had time to visit. This one was mostly family only around business items at hand.
Watching the sun set at 35,000 feet above dry land

Heading home again, I would be traveling all day long, an entire day waiting, flying, connecting, and sitting again, but instead of blogging, a novel became too enticing to put down and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to finish it, moving on to a magazine and a home decorating show on the screen staring me in the face. I knew though I would arrive home late and be required to rise early (time difference in mind here) to travel with my husband to his round of doctor appointment, tests and physiotherapy assessment.

Pensive, waiting for his Physiotherapist to appear...

The results and diagnoses were somewhat expected, but not to the degree they came by the end of the day. He has digressed much more than we thought possible, knowing and feeling it this way, but there is something tangible when a verbal confirmation is uttered, making it firm and final. It wasn't good news. At all.

He has been referred to the transplant team doctor for the future, and another round of twelve weeks of physiotherapy has been prescribed. Trouble is, that too is with new medical people, overwhelming every time to get into their care by starting the beginning.

Luckily there will be somewhat of a reprieve with the doctor/surgeon with the referring doctor making introductions and a briefing ahead of time. Still, it is all new, unfamiliar territory, and a deja vu to over the top emotional fallout.

It's complicated, I know. One thing remains ultra clear today though;

Moving as soon as we are able is the best thing we can do, hoping to be led along the way, offering it all up and trusting God in our walk on the path ahead. I will hit the road yet again, traveling on another road trip adventure with grumbling children, school books in tow, hoping to find that perfect something we will call "home" for our future time required in the vicinity of his life saving practitioner performance down the road.

How long is our road? Who knows....who knows. Winter is coming though, and it includes sick people. People we don't want to be around because of possible fallouts to illness and life threatening situations.

Hospital scenes nearby - Always there to remind us..

So, on a greater note, today we celebrate a "Sweet Sixteen" birthday in our home, and a first of the season hockey game. This year the coach insisted this travel team dress properly, wearing a shirt and tie and nice black pants with nice shoes. No problem.

Our son came up the stairs wearing his "church things" and laughed at how easy it was for him.

No wonder we have so many men's ties in our home with hockey things on them, symbols, team names, etc. from other travel hockey days gone by, and now it's his turn to wear fun and creative hockey games. They are such handsome young men, and it gives the team a notch up.

Yep, they sizzle. lol