Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thankful for...

Wordless Wednesdays

Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend folks. Jumping on in ahead of time here, I want to share with you random things I am thankful for.... in no particular order.

Thankful for country road bike riding

Thankful for fabulous feast days recently

Thankful for my girls with cameras, lucky
recipients recently when mom
gives them back "The bug look".
How does that feel girls? lol

Thankful for my love of God, my Lord and Savior,
for the ability to trust in his plan for our future.. keep having faith in things seen and yet unseen.

Thankful for seafood

Thankful for faithful friends

Thankful always for my husband!

Thankful for my family!

Thankful for my local dollar store bobble finds

Thankful for the beauty and love of flowers

Thankful for elbow room at the breakfast bar

Thankful for things like this...metal head supreme!