Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day to day....

Day to day; Life still happens

In the midst of all the preparatory work for an upcoming move, life still goes on. There are but a few children's activities on our calendar these days. We are slowly opting out of our calendar duties, with the exception of very few items. When life still happens, everyone is on board, happy to be out and about to do their beloved activities.

Power skating day - red cheeks give him away

Today everyone had power skating lessons, mom wanted to purchase a few groceries and when all was said and done, the school away and dinner on the table, someone had a very special evening ahead of her to look forward to.

Enrollment took place tonight - Our Girl Guide's 1st year

After feeling under the weather for two weeks with a sinus cold that gathered deep in her chest to become a bronchitis, finally this daughter is now able to ditch her medical mask. Ahhhh. It is one thing to live a normal family life with children who infect others, but it becomes quite another thing to have someone's very life in the balance should he become infected with it.

Self portrait of life in our home when someone is unwell

Therefore when we went away a few weeks ago to scout out new areas for moving, she had to wear a mask day and night in the family vehicle (close quarters) and in the hotel. It soon becomes very freeing when the mask daily routine is wiped out. Yes!
On a last note, once her mask was no longer necessary, we celebrated her birthday with a local friend who happened to have the same celebration date on the calendar.

Birthday Cake for Two

A bunch gathered at our home and went off for a few games of bowling together, and a round of Wii back at home here again later on. Happy Birthday wishes were in good order, but more than anything it was a fun occasion to gather and make a memory.
Some of the bowling fun!