Friday, October 31, 2008

Laughter - it's a family necessity!

Families who know how to play together....

Will make heartfelt memories to keep forever...

Many families I know would be embarrassed and completely horrified to admit some of the crazy and almost unbelievable happenings inside of their homes, especially those crazy moments when family activities occur on the spur of the moment and a complete and utter chaos rules the scene before their eyes. No, I don't feel I have too many good friends who would reveal or admit their family's shortcomings to me (laugh), feeling a wee bit coy if they dared to do so. (snicker)

Admittedly we have been called a "very funny family" (more than once) when moments such as these become spontaneous for us. Completely out of character in the usual family way, we don't LOOK for weird stuff to happen, it just does.

Serious events around here still make my jaw drop, let alone the others in our family, like the time when my husband and children's sudden whipping cream face smudging impromptus, my hubby and I rolling out of our kayaks or falling into swimming pools fully dressed to shock the children nearby into squeals of laughter, and so many more memorable events not intended from their onsets. They just happen. They just do.

Whipping cream wars have occurred in our home.

The best one yet was a giant blueberry dessert spoon slinging my husband and I began at the dinner table. Like any other typical evening, he was seated at one end of the table and I at the other, children in between on both sides. As everyone consumed their delicious desserts, my hubby and I were using our spoons like catapults, with a few choice fresh blueberries flying overhead towards one another. The children thought we'd lost our marbles, staring at us like zombies filled with disbelief over the scene before them. Realizing the damage we'd done, my husband and I knew we had to crack their serious faces. Slowly we began an allied front, non-nonchalantly making them all our targets slowly but surely.

As children are quite impressionable, a genuine all around food battle soon began, a war around our kitchen table like no other! Blueberry were flying everywhere, some with the fresh whipped cream still on them. Soon, they were in our hair, on the walls, on the windows and blinds, and one child was filled with such disbelief at the scene before him, he took refuge under the table to recover or something. We never laughed so hard in our lives, wet sloppy tears rolling down our cheeks after roaring for a long while with deep belly giggles! Even after the clean up was complete, we discovered additional blueberry marks here and there on the walls for days to come. The bits of whipping cream blended into the blind color, bits also found days later.

Oh do we dare admit to our crazy antics here for all to read?

It is true I've had to clean up after such food affairs in our home over the years. Is it worth such stupidity or crazy antics to occur within a family at all?

Oh yeah! Just ask our children. To this day they could tell you about a whole myriad of memories. The time when mom and dad secretly packed up small water guns to play with while on vacation, and they will also tell you about the unfair advantage my husband and I held with huge super-soakers while surprising the pants off of them and tearing about while shooting the water sprays at our targets.

There is something to say about spontaneity that allows a family to make a memory while squealing with fits of laughter. Yes, we keep our children shell shocked often and we will happily confess to being a very crazy bunch, for a long time now. We like it that way. :-)

What would life be if we never shocked our children with our more mature but still childlike natures? Come on people! Let your hair down once in a while and find something completely different on the spur of the moment to laugh about. Laughter does fill the soul with warmth, and a very necessary thing to have in this journey called life.

It is true we've had more couch legs break off from the big boy's wars on them (Dad at the helm) and it is true that there are times when we become so completely unbelievable in our "play", the outside world would never guess these occasions are within our walls.

Rough and tough "guy play" has broken more than
one couch leg around here...usually begun by guess who?

Okay, so life really is what you make of it! In all ways!

Life should include fun and even silly moments to take us all completely out of our comfort zones every now and then.
Therefore it comes as no surprise to believe our children have grown to possess this character trait from example (sigh), and since laughter also fills the soul with gladness, here is a little film to view below.

Within it you will see what happens when a birthday evening is in session, and spontaneity rules the kingdom! My hubby and I were enjoying a few peaceful moments around the corner eating our birthday cake while sipping our tea. Squeals of laughter alerted us to something requiring a curious check. My husband rose to the occasion, standing stunned for just a moment until he turned and walked back towards his cozy arm chair, a big smile crossing his face. I knew it had to be something crazy and ultra typical of our family. Uh boy - here we go I thought, AND dread of all dreads; there would be witnesses here this night to atttest to it all. gulp...

What is so funny about this scene is that the one beginning it wasn't a child of mine! Perhaps HIS family plays these silly things within their walls too. Now that is funny! Quickly you'll see "birthday cake tossing" suddenly becomes a quick scenario, everyone happily sitting around getting into the act like a notorious bunch having a feeding frenzy, cameras clicking and the video below recording the momentary event. Impressively, all the cleaning up wasn't something we had to do, he did it himself. Some of the cake was behind on the buffet, some icing splattered on it. I must commend his mother on the laughter he provided for us this night.

Enjoy the laughter, feel the energy in the room and giggle your hearts out. And then, remember these silly memories in your own homes some day. I want to hear from you too. Come on, do confess. Do you have events such as these in your homes? Do tell... :-)

Oh happy day!

Have a great day everyone!
Hug the ones you love!!