Thursday, October 30, 2008


14 things I'm THANKFUL for;

Bubbling soup brewing on the stove. Sometimes I'm a typical cook using actual recipes, but there are other times when soups like the one above are called "clean-out-the-refrigerator-never-to-be-made-again-soup-mix". Any way it's on my stove, there aren't usually leftovers...hmmmm...

Thankful for the wonderful blogging community out there and those folks like Suzanne M. who passed along "The Borrowers" movie posted on Youtube in nine parts after reading my blog post HERE. What fun to watch a movie on mom's laptop! Thank you so much! :-)

Thankful for our new face paint for all those wonderful costumes mounting historically from our family's "trickle trunk" treasures.

Thankful for wonderful finds are our local dollar store. These have unlimited possibilities for all year round fun! Fine feathery masks....good quality too.

Thankful for Friday tuna fish cheddar melts - fresh and hot from the toaster oven on scones - all gifted from our daughter so competently positioned at the helm on her scheduled lunch making day. Yum!

Thankful for happy smiling faces appearing to refresh my weary soul at just the right moment when no one around me seems to be happy or smiling lately about having to move and relocate elsewhere...

Thankful for our country road with farmers traveling to and fro from their fields, harvest bounties in tow.

Thankful for another Friday fish day treat...mine and my hubbies this day. Yum!

Thankful for the water's edge no matter how the waves are roaring about and looking rather COLD these days. It's just so lovely to be near and hear it all.

Coffee break treats, aka "brain food" say the children.

Thankful for several fresh supplies of crayons and someone who thinks it's fun to write down all the books she's been reading these days. She calls it her "reading contest" for school.

Thankful for funny moments when everyone lets their hair down, quite literally, while trying to get her older brother to look at the camera and say "cheese".

Thankful for Autumn's bounty yet again - APPLES this time which are red and yellow, or green, no matter the type, we will consume them heartily.

Thankful for my St. Joseph house sale kit I bought a while back. He is the "Patron Saint of Realtors". Click this LINK HERE to read more about this special time honored tradition. As one woman told me recently, he's her "Go-to" guy for selling their homes.

Traditionally one hoping to sell a home buries a small statue of St. Joseph somewhere around their property, near the sale sign, near the front door, wherever, and once the house is all packed up, dig him up and take him with you. Does it guarantee a sale? No way, but boy oh boy, with the recent real estate market taking a nose dive and the economy so shaky these days, we just continue to pray our home sells. It would benefit our family GREATLY if we could obtain a solid sale during the month of November!

Could you pray with us offering this house sale petition heaven bound alongside our family if you feel led to do so? At the end of the day, perhaps we might want to consider ourselves lucky as we do have a guaranteed offer of sale from my husband's work relocation department. Sound good right? NOT great! Yesterday all the figures were forwarded to us and at the end of the day, we were offered a price WAY below our asking price, which created a whole bunch of stress for us. Losing upwards of many thousands of Ks is just not our cup of tea. No not at all. We are in negotiations to encourage them to sharpen their pencils.

Jesus, we trust in Thee.
St. Joseph, protect us!