Monday, October 20, 2008

Day to day, normal stuff

Day to day, normal stuff

- Mom, I forget what precipitation means, help.

- Mom, how does carbon dioxide affect the clouds in the sky. How about the weather?

- Mom, I'll bet kids in school don't have to do so many comprehension questions on their lessons... (and this was a day when mom was doing an oral review)

- Mom, is it a feast day, can we bake?

- Mom, do you know how many moons Jupiter has?

- Mom, my Biology lessons are intense this year!

- Mom, I can't find a pencil (only six in his pencil box)

- Mom, I'll never use multiplication in real life when I'm older, why bother now? :-)

- Mom, I told Daddy about my new "around the world" workbook (geography)

- Mom, when I'm older I'll never do math again. I really don't like math.

- Mom, what is the formula to find the area of a shape again?

- Mom, but WHY do we have to practice piano every day? (help Therese)

- Mom, why do you make us read so much. My friends in school don't have to do THIS MUCH reading.

- Mom, I love to read. Can we find another book in this series for me in our library?

- Mom, I love you. Your the best teacher, ever.


And so it is, school in full throttle day to day, just normal stuff.

Ya know?