Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hockey Night in Canada

Hockey Night in Canada

Last night the day to day activities continued on. I drove my son to his ice hockey game and at last his team came together to outplay their opponents, winning the game 2-1. This was a monumental victory to call their own because so far they haven't had a winning game, especially when they were accelerated to the "A" division instead of just the "MD" status. Playing at a "Tier 1" level was a surprise to both players and the parents, however this game they shone and confidence built as the game played on.

The audience were thrilled to see the team "gell" as all players left us on the edge of our seats when the other team became snarly and many penalties were called by the refs when their whistles blew over and over again.

But when least expected, one hockey dad watching the game began to get so snarly and so rude over the course of the first two innings, one of the refs went right up to the glass and asked him to leave the arena! The game froze in time until he took off. Everyone had had enough of his loud, boisterous and brash nature, clapping as he exited the building. Imagine what type of example this was to the kids there, crazy!

Our players worked and skated hard, rising above and using their logic and skills to perform well.
Thanks for the great game boys.