Thursday, October 30, 2008

SCIENCE his way

(psssst... at its best!

aka - Mom; I want to do this now & blow up something

Okay it all began with a super motivated young man who was smitten with his newest Science course, feeling the need to gather more mad scientist experiences. Have I ever mentioned this is all a deja-vu to me? We have had other mad scientists living in our home as they grew from boys to men, but seriously, this is most definitely a "guy thing" around here.

This young man decided to scoff up (steal) his older sibling's retired math course for "Physical Science" all because we had an extra kit of supplies hanging around to provide ingredients for all the interesting experiments he noted with interest deep within the covers of this same textbook.

Truly there is such a great thing as "whetting" the appetite of a learner, motivating the pants off of them in no time at all, perhaps even with something so simple as a science kit still hanging around. In reality - Why oh why (!) was *I* the one to mention the extra kit? (grin, grin, grin) Actually in all honesty, there has never been such a thing as a dull science "anything" around our home, and I have the historical tales and even an abundance of evidence by way of many photos to prove it!

Beginning with the opening of the brown box with a return address label from "Home Science Tools", we were all sunk for we knew this child would be sunk too! Perhaps it was those bug eyes, maybe the beaming smile shortly after lifting the flaps of the box, or maybe the quick few leaps in the air from the most sincere thrill ONLY a mad scientist could ever understand.

Beginning with several mundane readings (to him at first), speed quickly gathered as delightful experiments began to creep up in forthcoming chapters soon after beginning Chapter 1.

With several smaller introductory experiments achieved successfully, it was time (once again) for volcano eruptions. This young lad could hardly contain himself and was having difficulty moving at a regular speed around the kitchen while gathering supplies on the countertop. And then it began...

Alas though, he soon had an audience culminating nearby, offering quick glances to the hovering exploding site nearby, wondering what type of brew he would be mixing up and concocting next.

Maybe they were as nervous as I. Maybe they thought it would all necessitate moving into another room, you know, just in case...wink.

Three days after making his faux volcano (the dough had to dry first), he began assembling items for creating his super bubbly brew. Rather than take his time to witness the reaction within the pit of the volcano, I almost burst out laughing when he was just way too eager and dumped the whole liquefied brew inside the opening.

Take good note at what you just read! THREE DAYS LATER...and this child still has the SAME favorite new shirt on his back, wearing it for five schooling days. The photos in this post were snapped over time, just so you know he hasn't been THAT quick at zooming through this textbook. Truth be know though, I did have to practically peal off his new clothing and get it laundered! Equated to a mad scientist spending much time working on his experimental observations and findings, so too did this child, day after day ponder his serious scientific sessions donning the same attire at the end of his bed each morning. At least he changed his socks!

Happy to get to his science and knowing just HOW motivating it has become for him, it's been wonderful to make lists of expectations BEFORE these sessions begin.

YES! Who says one thing doesn't lead to another? when he began chortling; "Mom, where is that book on Pompeii again, the underground city from Ancient times?" Then off he went in search of it after his clean up. So science then in its glorious form can lead to other grand topics of extended interest and research then, and of this you can most definitely be sure.

I must confess this child IS very deeply and sincerely motivated!!! I've not yet seen him so eager to rise and get through his morning chores, practice his piano and attack other school assignments of the day just for the purpose of allowing the time to speed up where he can begin reading through an entire chapter in his favorite arm chair, just to get to the experiments at the end of each chapter.

Onward to bigger and better experiments then, and no doubt there are many ahead for him.

Notice his excitement AND the eye attire? The nearest pair of eye protection was his sister's sunglasses, good enough for him. Forget the fact that he could ruin them, he was ready to rub his hands together and attack his next few lesson's experiments.

"Mom, I need some yeast? What's yeast? And I need 2 cups of Hydrogen Peroxide too. Is that the stuff in the first aid drawer?"

Notice the longer glass jar, the other wasn't going to work. My the logic cogs are turning and it is so interesting to sit nearby and tend to my own observations before me.

Fun. Exciting. Interesting. And it's all because of a new child working on old experiments to me, but completely new ones to him. He loves school these days. It's like music to my ears to listen to him raving about this highschool course. But, shhhhh, don't tell him that it's an accelerated course for his age (he's 11), because there are no boundaries in interesting learning curves one must find on his/her own. His appetite has been whet. He works on his other assigned Science courses mom has already provided, and then he works on this one. There is a lot of science happening in this home. Now it's time to allow the fruits of his labors to fill him with the learning he is so eager to capture with his willing and eager attitude. It is all good!

Another sibling has jumped on the bandwagon, begging him to wait for her to complete her mandatory morning studies before he works on more experiments. Notice he changed his clothes. Notice this is a much more relaxing moment for all of us here at home.

It's all so very good! :-)