Monday, October 20, 2008

The Kitchen; Heartbeat of any home

The Kitchen;
Heartbeat of any home

They say a home's kitchen is truly the heart of a home, a place where everyone gathers, indulges and laughter ensues. In our family this couldn't be truer. Our kitchen has always been "a gathering place" over the years, no matter how large or small our kitchens in our various homes have been.

In this home, since we custom designed our new breakfast bar to suit our family and had it installed during our kitchen renovations, there is always a flurry of activity developing on its surfaces.

Some days it's a surprise to see what that exact "activity" will be. Truly though, I have to say a little inspiration goes a long way, and this young gal is always inspired to "create" something in my kitchen. Throughout the summer months and into the fall, she is at my right hand during the dinner preparations. Sometimes she forgets to don her apron, like here when she just returned from a swim session...

Or like here, when the new cupcake holder mommy purchased last month required decorating with yummy treats for everyone.

Boy! The "creations" this day sure didn't last long!

Perhaps there is something to say about having an older sister (several actually) who entertains her friends in our kitchen, creating various treats for consumption during their visiting pleasures.

Yes, there is certainly - always a bunch of activity happening in this kitchen. I welcome it! I love it all!

My hubby and I often just smile and give one another a quick wink when the stove timer dings because usually it is the standard procedure we soon become lucky recipients (or guinea pigs...ha ha) of a fresh cup of coffee and the treat of the day created by the girls working while visiting together in our kitchen.