Friday, October 17, 2008

A day in the life....

A day in the life.....

Schooling with lego creations nearby after lunch sometimes becomes distracting, when the children use their new stash of "brain bits" to happily refill their lego candy dispensers once more. When the temptation hits to have a quick nibble, it can be found merely an arm's length away.

Yep, this is her lego candy/nut dispenser, and the lower one is his.

Really creative, lids are removable to allow for refilling into the center cavity of the device. If only they had the ability to create a coin slot for enabling them to refill their own stashes with their own petty cash, now that would be the ultimate in creative! :-0

For now I suppose those little tiny boxes of goodies in the halloween season aisles at our supermarket will have to do. In fact, they are just the right size. Not too many at once, no sugar high to send the day off to orbit.