Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn passes quickly #4

The wind and the leaves

" Come, little leaves," said the wind one day,
" Come over the meadows with me and play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold, __
For summer is gone, and the days grow cold."

Soon as the leaves heard the wind's loud call,
Down they came fluttering one and all.
Over the brown fields they danced and flew,
Singing the soft little songs they knew.

Dancing and whirling, they little leaves went;
Winter had called them, and they were content;
Soon fast asleep in their earthy beds,
The snow laid a coverlet over their heads.

(psst... the ground was all frosty white yesterday morning when we woke up, so snow is coming soon... Bring it on! The bright, sunny shiny stuff is so much more welcomed than gray rainy days.)