Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We are thankful

Canadian Thanksgiving

As we packed up the family vehicle to get on the road, off to scout the final geographical areas for our looming future move, the weather was sunny and bright, very warm in no time at all necessitating air conditioning for comfort. The weather was going to be great all weekend, highs of 24 and feeling like 30C were going to be hovering upon us. YES!

Once we arrived at our destination, it was a surprise to receive a telephone call from our niece's (Karyn) husband (John). He had heard we would be local, and then offered an invitation for our family to join them and his own family, most who also traveled there from as far away as Prince Edward Island and Ottawa, for dinner at a restaurant local to them.
He also suggested if that wasn't something we would be able to do, why not come the following night and have Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all of them at their home, or heck, come to both if we could.

In my head I was overly sensitive rationalizing not wanting to intrude in his rare time with his own family, and that's when he broke the query by stating; " And what are you to us? Family too!" smile Of course we were delighted to accept the invitation.

We headed to their home in Scarborough at the appointed time, about a 35 minute drive from where we were staying. We anticipated a lovely evening, first at their home, followed by everyone driving to a fabulous local restaurant with live jazz music playing softly in the background.

The evening was special for us all, realizing we have not yet been able to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with any family since our move east, and reveled in the memory we were making here. As if an excitement ran high in all of us, several of the family members present insisted we come again the next night to have the actual Thanksgiving dinner with them rather than spend it in the hotel.

After prodding on how we can contribute to the evening somehow, a suggestion was made to bring along a pumpkin pie because John could eat a whole one on his own and didn't feel they had enough for all of their
24 guests, so pie it was, two of them, just in case he needed assistance with the crumbs leftover in the pie pan. :-) Not only were there immediate family members present, but a few close friends including their best man and his wife and baby, his parents, and three other very close friends. Since we had been present the day before, we were amazed at the transformation when we noticed immediately that all the living room furniture was gone and in its place were three very long tables end to end, set up down the length of the room. Another small table was set up nearby in the kitchen.

Carving up the ham, but also cooked
their first turkey
for the evening meal

How lovely everything looked! How busy their little kitchen was, but so organized as always. Hors d oeuvres sat nearby, guests mingling and munching while chatting up a storm. The only question of the day was for someone to assist in making the gravy, so I pulled up my sleeves and got to work tutoring John well on the art of producing a fine sauce. It was a privilege to assist in the meal, and an honor to be present for such an event. After saying grace, a toast was made in honor of "family", and "friends" present.

Thanksgiving sit down meal for 24

An extravaganza of food sat before us, such a delicious menu of food providing something for everyone. Both turkey and maple ham sat nearby, sweet potato pie, greens, rolls, and so much more!
If one didn't have a feasting appetite upon arrival, before we knew it the dessert came later, yum.

A tender moment arrived when my hubby stood up and commanded the attention of all present offering a few words of his own thanksgiving, warm words touching all present. Another toast, proof there is always something to celebrate isn't there?

Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving to all