Monday, October 20, 2008

Old Hat, New Hat!

Old Hat, New Hat

The Berenstein Bear books inspired so many with the famous book holding the same title as mine above. Most definitely this book has been a treasured favorite in our home for many, many years as the very condition of the book in our family library would attest to. There are precious signatures inside the front cover pages that make me smile, but the story is a remarkable and inspiring thought for this post.

Our wonderfully stocked "trickle trunk" (HERE) is filled with costumes for the pleasure of imaginary tales and wonder. This young man found an "Old Hat", and realized the fit was tailored perfect for the shape of his head. He has grown! And this is now a "New Hat" discovery from deep in our trickle trunk for him.

It reminds me of the hat my grandfather used to wear, so funny. But, for him he's not a grandfather, a gangster, or an older gentleman, rather a cool kid with a cool "New Hat"!

Handsome guy with his "New Hat"!