Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Am I too early?

Am I too early?

Oh the joy of being a woman and engaging in a freshly brewed cup of coffee, black please. How else does one taste the true flavors from coffee beans around the world if a cup of coffee consists of creams, milks and (gasp!) sugar?

In my little world of ensuring my ritual treats are in fine tune, I almost outdid myself today wondering if I was jumping the gun and way too early in delighting in these fine things, mainly "chocolate" today. Am I just far too bold while staring down the calendar, actually accusing myself here of turning to the next month already and finding a fun day there awaiting the starting gun beginning? Aw shucks and golly gee, please don't say yes. I'm enjoying all of this just way too much today.

Hold fast to your dreams...

Hold fast to your dreams!

Within your heart

Keep on still, secret spot

Where dreams may go,

And sheltered so,

My thrive and grow --

Where doubt and fear are not.

Oh keep a place apart

Within your heart,

For little dreams to go.

By; Louise Driscoll

How about you? (wink) If you are guilty too of taking in fine pleasures by celebrating something far too early, just remember one thing. Soon it will come and go, and then what. Oh heck, just do it now will ya and savor every moment of it when you can.

And please do enjoy!