Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet things

Sweet Things!

I know, I know I keep repeating myself on here these days but I'm into a "Simple" mode for this New Year - remember?

So toasting the "simple" of this new year, I want to share a few "sweet things" I am grateful for....

I was gifted with a few sweet and precious wonders recently and think if there is anything more special than "sweet things", this has to be it for me at this time.

  • ** First off our older daughter sent a beautiful photo of our grand-daughters to us for Christmas, one of a few framed of her family. The girls look so lovely and I know for a fact they are like this for the most part as sisters a whole bunch of the time. Beautiful!

  • ** My mother gifted me with an antique birthday angel for my Christmastime birthday this year. I love this sweet and wholesome looking cherub girlie, don't you? Thanks Mom!

  • ** Flowers have a general way to brighten anyone's spirits. and the promise of better weather to come in the near future. Red and pink seem to be the colors of the day to come with the month of February around the corner. I just love the thought of "loving" moments when viewing and remembering loved ones with these colors in mind. We have decided to reuse our "Jesse tree stand" all year round, changing items hanging from its branches to suit the theme of the day. As a general theme which will be "in progress", hearts now grace its stand and for sure love it in the air. (smile) I know. I'm a sappy soul when it comes to flowers....but just appease me please with my continued photography of these simple pleasures to me.

  • ** Candles are something I've found pleasurable. I'm a super safety freak at the best of times and having lived to tell about a fire in our home more than twenty years ago, I am pleased to now have older children who are safety minded too about candles about the house. Often we substitute with fake, battery-run candles which are fun too, and much safer. But more recently I've been lighting many candles at dinner time and loving it every time.

  • ** Book reading currently in progress resting on top of the arms of chairs or couches makes me smile. I'm pleased our children like to read, for pleasure and find their reading preferences interesting. What a good idea. I think I'm tempted to run off to find my current read and sit by our cozy fireplace too. Every once in a while I'll be sure to glance outside my window to marvel over the continued falling snow out there.

  • **Twinkling doodads give offer me simple pleasures. These wee delights from our local dollar store still offer me a cheap thrill which will no doubt last a very long time. Like the star at Bethlehem, these stars fill our lives with sparkle and offer reminders of heavenly wonders during the course of our days. And on top of that, they are fun too!

There you have a few of my current "sweet things" I'm really enjoying in my new home. These continue to delight me and sometimes my sweet thing's list grows and changes all the time because I try not to have anything taking up space in my home that are not either useful or give me simple pleasures. Do you have sweet things, simple things you find pleasurable? Why not share with me when you have a moment. I'd love to hear from you.

That reminds me too that sadly my most precious holy water font broke in our move when the paper it was wrapped in crashed to the tile floor and smashed in a hundred pieces. It was a gift from a good friend long ago during a secret sisters blessing time within our homeschooling mother's support group. I'll need to find a replacement (if that's possible because it was so unique) and begin hunting for a new one. That special item was a fabulously simple pleasure to me, a daily reminder with many graces attached to it. Have any recommendations for where you would shop for one of these yourself? Please let me know.