Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Man of the Hour

My Man of the Hour

Yesterday at precisely noon, the world was spellbound watching Barrack Obama become the 44th President of the United States. Obviously with the media blitzing of this man, he became the "Man of the Hour" to the world, but not to me. No sir!

Not my cup of tea to drive into such a huge city

anymore. Give me the country anyday!

At the exact same hour of the day, my husband and I arrived at a medical hospital in the city, and it was time for him check in and proceed with scheduled tests for his hopeful entry into the lung rehabilitation physiotherapy program in this locale.

Waiting and waiting and more waiting...

The pulmonary testing is usually a standard quarterly testing he must participate in to keep tabs on his lung disease.

The technician nonchalantly asked my husband if he would mind a few medical students to watch the first half of the standard pulmonary testing, the one where the door remained open and I was somewhat surprised to hear him answer he was fine with that. Five mature women eventually came into the room with their teacher and between them and the technician, all were females.

Medical students loved being present to watch and thanked my hubby over and over again for allowing them in. What a fun bunch they were!

What a hoot we all had but truly, for his affirmation to include them into this highly private testing, he became my "Man of the Hour" this day, and not only mine, but all the women greatly appreciated him for the viewing and note taking ability they gained from the experience. No doubt they've witnessed others in the lung disease departments but none had been privy to watch this test yet.

Getting ready for the tougher tests...

Each new city seems to have varying equipment and this hospital proved to have yet again, something new to him. They all work the same of course but the general proceedings included a few extra tests he'd not had in this same glass enclosure.

Once the rounded door is closed, he needs to have perfect concentration in the latter part of the assignments. The whole procedure here lasted for over an hour. A very long, long hour at that, totally exhausting to be sure!

As for me, I try to attend all my hubby's medical testing sessions, if only to be a quiet cheerleader in the background, extra ears to hear and document his case studies (like seeing the xrays again, hmmmm) and being ever-ready to jump off my chair to catch him in the event my hubby sees way too many stars from lack of oxygen during these tests and suddenly begins to fall. THAT has happened and I don't want it to happen again!

What a guy! Love that man!

Off to have a chest xray came next, followed by an interview with the head Respiralogist of the lung physiotherapy program. Alot of waiting around took place.

The doctor's assistant came in the patient room first to detail information and began a new file for my hubby. He was a young man, so warm and caring. With as much detail as possible plus cross referencing with doctor and physio referral letters in hand, finally he went to collect the main doctor.

What has proved to be the most excruciating, vulnerable and emotional time of waiting to get into the medical field in our new locale, yesterday proved to be a very successful and wonderful experience for both my hubby and myself. Both doctors suggested writing letters to expedite my husband meeting the other doctors, one in our more local city, another in this same larger city, the surgeon and transplant team also. What comes of this whole thing only God knows, however one thing I do know for sure; having worked in a medical field office myself, doctors do NOT usually volunteer to write letters, believe me. But these two did!

And together we both rejoiced all the way home later on knowing my hubby was also accepted into the lung physio program hands down. The only thing we need to pray on is the timing because when we walked further to meet the physiotherapist, she forewarned us there is a huge waiting list into the program, so likely not until July or August. That was a starting point, however people do cancel and we are hoping one occurs very shortly so my hubby can begin to work on gaining more strength again.