Thursday, January 08, 2009

Internet update

Internet update

Well, we called the Internet Satellite service provider who couldn't commit to installing a connection to our new home yet, that is, not until he comes to access our property. It seems when larger maple and oak trees are present in the area, a good reception is quite tricky. As one saga after another has presented itself to us (laugh), he seems to feel we will need to hoist up a very high pole to place that silly thing on for proper reception now.

Okay, so here's the funny part - we have numerable trees already on our property, so what's with hoisting up a pole! My hubby is right, let's just attach it to a natural pole, one of our trees waiting there already.

Stay tuned...and hopefully it won't take too long. Meanwhile I've completed exhausted my time at the coffee shop today, with so much to do, including all of the blogging postings this day.

Enjoy our escapades. Winter fun at its best, that would be our life in this new area. And it's okay because I'm smiling as I type this up.

Blessings to all!