Thursday, January 08, 2009

Feasting and snow tubing on Ephiphany

Feasting and Snow tubing on Ephiphany!

For so many days, I felt like I had been walking a pilgrimage of sorts. At first the walking and praying began when we realized the move would be a necessity in the future, and after a long absence from my husband’s job when he was so unwell, he was now quite happy to be back to work. But then the return to work also necessitated and required the move for his new position with his company in another city.

It most certainly became a definite initial time of “waiting”, the ending of a grand time of trepidation about a family move in general. We were extremely happy in our former home. And with another move on the horizon, we all knew it was a return to a time of great changes for all of us once more. Everything fell into place well but left our heads spinning. Looking back I can honestly admit I can see the hand of God in everything; the speedy timeframe to prepare for a new journey onward to both a new home and also towards better medical care and work abilities for my husband.

They say “time” heals all wounds and all things in general. As our family licks our moving blisters and grand owies, we will forge forth in attempting once again to create a new life here now. The speedy timing left much to do inside the home and even though we opted to go with the flow and just get into the home before the New Year, rather than later, there are major projects to complete. My motto however has become “Simple”, so simple it is with waiting and shoving all those things before us down to the bottom of the priority list instead. No matter how we take on those new projects, they will still be there if we insist on leaving them until springtime.

For my Christmastime (day actually) birthday, my hubby blessed me with a new camera just in time to take more photos for sharing to share these new adventures with you we are embarking on here in the east. I promise the color and zoom abilities will offer me greater snapshots (grin) for details galore. With that in mind I implore you all; why not then take in the “simple” and choose to recover and settle in instead. Yes, that is just what we are doing.... and to prove it here you go...

The discovery of all the winter fun in our new locale sent me on a search for new experiences the younger four children had never been a part of in the west. Actually, I’ve signed them all up for ski lessons at a local mountain resort, and much to my surprise, two of them balked at the whole idea. They preferred to try snowboarding instead.

Now bear in mind two things here; these local mountains are far removed from the ones we were used to in the west, those of; Grouse, Seymour, Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains (the latter is where the 2010 winter Olympics will take place). Compared to those, these are “bunny runs” at best. Suffice to say though, it was exciting to be traveling at night and finding snow skiers gliding down the mountains to our left adjacent to the parking lot. I could hear the children’s remarks; “Awesome”, “Cool”, and so much more! Not having to climb up mountains to get to proper skiing was beyond our comprehension having been from the westcoast.

We returned during the day to “watch the action” from the parking lot. But it was when we drove a bit further up the road to take in the “tubing” fun that the children were hooked. Okay, they were ready to try it.

All work and no play makes for a very grumpy family!

That’s my motto anyway - and I’m sticking with it!

Ten story drops and up to 80mph slides - Wahoo!!!

Today, the Feast of Epiphany, January 6th, we feasted by stopping for great items for a lovely lunch from a local deli/bakery and headed off into the sunshine before the new snow forecasted to fall came to visit. It was snow tubing day and everyone was prepared to leave shortly after all the morning chores were completed.

Two choices for snow action are merely a short drive from our home, and the mountain they chose was the best for tubing. Imagine sliding down hills ten stories high and up to speeds of80 mph! True! But just wait - that’s not all! Attendants at the top of the hills offer to push, pull or spin people on tubes for crazy screaming action. Even several people can be locked together for a group slide. And then when the ride is done, rest is offered by sitting in the tube and being pulled back up the mountainside again for another round of fun.

All work and no play? Absolutely not!

And then, gasp (!), the battery in my new camera decided it was time to expire.

Frustration though was not going to ruin this great day, so my cell phone picked up a pic or two also. And then, we headed home after a long, very fun day to prepare dinner and get to the evening mass at our new church as the mass time was later in the evening. As fate would have it, my hubby was plain ole too tired to come along and opted for a nice early bedtime, but when we were all in the vehicle ready to leave, it was announced the washing machine overflowed onto the floor. I saw him through the window beginning to mop up the water and knew it wasn't a good thing to leave this small disaster to him alone. After two attempts to drive off and be punctual for mass, we threw in the white towel and drove into the parking lot of the nearest grocery store. There we purchased two boxes of ice cream and headed back home again, still celebrating this important feast day. No doubt we had all obtained grace this day for attempting with our initial plans.

As the evening drew to a close, sunburned faces began to glow and fatigue reigned high for everyone. By 8pm. everyone headed to bed, happy, healthy and still remarking over the grand day.

For every knee shall bend and every head shall bow.

Epiphany, 2009

Happy Feast Day everyone! May the star in the east shine brightly for all to see and may the three kings find you this day.