Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This and that

Hello again, good afternoon to you!

I hope this beautiful sunny, knee deep snowy day (here anyway) finds you all well and wonderful. For those who have written, I stand guilty as charged for inundating you all with a plethora of recent posts, but to be fair - I did warn you that many would be coming. With that said I really can't offer any (sincere) apologies (LOL) without internet abilities at my fingertips (oh, the saga for continued shorter daily uploads. Instead you can all reap the benefits of my online time with many posts banged out at one time just to keep you so entertained, that is - until the next time. And today is one of those "next times".

As life continues to grab hold of our family, we experience the day to day challenges and attempt to continue finding joy inside of those same crazy things.

For example, we solved a mystery early this morning when our suspicions held true and we capture two wee meadow mice underneath of our kitchen sink in the cupboard. It seems surreal to find we have mice in this brand new home, as in our last two houses. Crazy, just crazy! Our oldest daughter was about the same age as our older one still living at home. She is not impressed, neither are the rest of us, but triumph today came when capturing the cutie little rodents. I know, usually there are more when there are a few, so we wait with baited breath to find their point of entry (likely the ability to get inside with the snow higher than the basement floor top) and deal with this new dilemma. Some folks we know often have mice come to visit and think nothing of it. We abhor it all and give it right back to you who don't mind it. Ick! And why us anyway - are we too friendly wherever we go or what? Grrrrrrrrrr

More crazies...

  • - Finding out more than a foot of snow fell during the night only to find a vehicle looking like this;

Over one foot fell while we slept

  • - Half a double garage filled with unassembled boxes not yet picked up and still more in the house to unpack.
  • - Observing a really fast black mouse scooting up the driveway in search of his familiar hole, gone now due to the snowploughing duties complete by our son who carved out a wider driveway. Stay outside little fellow...stay outside okay?

  • - Online schooling deadlines with this Friday the very last day for our teens to upload their school work because it will be the end of their first semester. And just when they thought a spring break was upon them, yesterday two big boxes arrived with the next round of books for semester two. Can you see me grinning over independent students taking charge of their own education? Our son has already downloaded a pile of work to do offline in between coffee shop sessions. Bravo! Onward ho - to high school graduation formalities this year for this one and his sister is coming up next right behind him. That will make a total of six by next year with only two more younguns to go. (grin, grin, grin)

  • - Waking up in the early morning and looking out the window to see what all the noisy commotion was all about only to find a huge hi-ho machine driving down the road to dig a new hole for a new residence. Yes, we live in the thick of a new construction area – again, so bulldozers and assorted machinery are the norm for a while. But, they aren't that noisy all the time because all of the residential lots available are large acreage parcels so we are far apart.

  • - Realizing hockey playoffs are already here for our older son who was finally able to play recently since his transfer paper work finally arrived. Only four games and an early morning practice during one week's time. Whew....thank you hubby for tending to this and working with daughter in the concession stand for our volunteer time. ( pssst.....did I tell you all what a cushie job it was and how much fun they all had doing that? No, well let me tell you about having breaks, sitting around waiting (hoping) for a customer in between hockey game periods and being popular for making the proclaimed "crispiest and best french fries with gravy ever". Way to go.

  • - Surprised to find almost every single one of our VHS video collection movies were never re-winded. Guess what took two culprits more than four hours to do, even with two machines running at the same? Nasty stuff thus the slogan; Be Kind and Rewind.

  • - Walking through the snow to discover most of us aren't wearing boots high enough because snow trickles down our socks and makes our legs and feet wet for several inches atop of the boot heights. Note to self; higher boots!

Oh please know that I am not trying to be whiny here, just looking for a real good excuse for my next post above. So what do YOU think? Am I too early? (roaring with laughter awaiting your answer....).

Thank you for all your very fun and cheery emails, even from as far as India, New Zealand and Australia. Wow, thank you, thank you everyone. Come for tea or coffee with me deep in cyberspace any time. I'll be waiting with the welcome mat out for you. But first, do check out the next post above...snicker.