Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Days

Snow Days

When "snow days" arrive there are no reasons I can muster for a homeschooling child not to work on their schooling. Afterall, they don't require outdoor transportation anywhere so why a snow day at all? At least that's my theory and some laugh at me for it because back in the west when it snowed, we always allowed the children to spend the entire day outdoors if they so desired as it was a rarity to be sure. Here however if we ever declared a snow day the children would lose upwards of three to four months of schooling sessions, not good.

But still...every once in a while a mother's heart tingles and she understands the need for her children to get out to explore geographical changes outdoors, especially when they have yet to do so without snow covering their entire property in our new home!

Our two younger children decided to venture outside soon after breakfast most mornings before schooling begins. Never before have we seen the toboggan used so often as it has been used here thus far. Trails of runs have become splashed all over wherever a bump rests to begin a new path.

The wooden toboggan was also used for another purpose this weekend, a fun one at that! They each decided to dress up their little husky dog webkinz and take them for a walk in the snow.

We have a real husky dog and after all she loves the snow, and even buries herself deep inside of it to sleep, so these little creatures would love it too, right?

When my husband later saw them gallivanting about the back of the property through the window nearby, he shouted for me to grab the camera because they looked like they were having so much fun together trudging through the snow with toboggan in tow and huskies on board. The whole scenario was really sweet and I'm so happy I took these photos to remember the small blip I was able to see of it.

A new favorite "winter" picture - now saved as my screen saver