Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year's Eve and Chinese Food

New Year's Eve & Chinese food

No we are not Asian, nor do we have Asian roots, but what is New Years Eve without having Chinese food!

Another such family traditions of ours we simply have to follow, this year we scouted out several possibilities before deciding upon our venue. Yes, we preferred to eat out rather than eat in. I think we were all so physically tired out, being served and able to choose our favourite dishes individually seemed terrific to all of us. We settled on a great buffet restaurant and luckily we thought to make reservations ahead of time.

The parking lot was full. People were everywhere. I wondered how much food was leftover. Without a hitch though, everything was terrific and always hot and ready to grab whatever we desired.

The best part?

  • If you ask some of the children, they would say the ice cream and dessert bar.
  • If you ask my mother, she would say the sushi bar and Chinese noodles.
  • If you ask my father, he would say he enjoyed everything on his plate!
  • If you ask my husband, he would say the honey/garlic spareribs
  • If you ask one son, he would say the crab legs and clams.
  • If you ask me, everything was presented wonderfully and the steamy Chinese green tea was soothing and complimentary to the meal. But most of all, I liked my curry chicken fried rice! Yum!