Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ten things I'm thankful for...

Ten things I’m thankful for...

1- Thankful for my husband’s 4x4 work vehicle for I know he won’t have difficulty managing new snowfalls to and from work. I know he’s safer riding these wheels around.

2- Thankful for tremendous shiny and ultra glistening sparkles on fresh snow

3- Thankful for gift cards and drive throughs.

4- Thankful for dogs that have both finally adjusted a bit more after our move. But, both yearn to get out and play with the children as they toboggan down little hills on the property. Yet, the fear is they will run, and run like they can when prompted. Soon doggies, soon...

5- Thankful for living in a winter wonderland, welcoming it wholehearted because it’s so beautiful! I hear there’s a name for this picture – “Over the hills and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go...” (hint, hint)

6- Thankful for horses everywhere, those we admire daily at the end of our road, and for knowing the girls will soon be riding again in no time at all.

7- Thankful for country traffic jams – again because that means we aren't in the thick of the city traffic anymore. be in the country versus living in the city! Nothing like it folks, nothing quite like it at all.

8- Thankful for spending time with people we love and for helping us all get settled into our new home.

9- Thankful for lovely placemats I was able to pull out of the buffet drawer to use with my green napkins (Placemats were one of the only things in that buffet the packers didn’t hide on me!). The lacey look provided a feeling of elegance and simplicity all at the same time. And I’m also thankful for the checkered towels provided quick thinking as we have not yet found our oven mitts or hot pads for mealtimes.

10- Thankful for my new camera! It has 10 megapixels, 18X zoom capabilities and more. Likened to a mini SLR, I am smitten with this new memory producing instrument now in my possession. Thank you to my husband who blessed me with this for my birthday and who knows the true value of his wife’s photos for the family legacy story being penned through our days.