Monday, January 19, 2009

Wii had a blast!

Wii had a blast!

Now that I've taken a walk down memory lane with my recent post on our family traditional crokinole games, I thought it would be fun to share another fast growing game the entire family can play together.

Wii had such a good time over the Christmas holidays introducing my parents to the wonderful action world of "Wii". Introductions and full instructions were offered to both parents and active participation was the key. It's not the first time they have been introduced to this game really as our older son and his wife offered to play with them at their home several times, but like many other grandparents today, until they try it, they imagine it to be a kid's game they opt out of.

We all gathered round together in our rec room (soon to be a full blown "Sports" room – stay tuned) on New Year's Eve to work off our Chinese food buffet dinner shortly before (place link here). My husband finds it entertaining to play rounds of bowling with the children on weekends here and there because he is able to enjoy the virtual sport offered without too much physical exertion. He became instructor of the night along with the teens.

Two teams were organized, mini me's created for both grandparents and off we went, rolling balls and aiming for that perfect strike.

In between team games the children showed other games offered on this virtual fun machine where physical activity is enhanced and enjoyed by players of all ages.

They participated in demonstrating golf, baseball and boxing. How fun to see my parent's mini me's playing for the baseball team roundups during these demos. And not to be outdone, my mother got into the action by playing a round of boxing against our son. Teary giggles ensued, and cheerleading for our boxing "mama" squealed loudly.

Over the course of the early evening and into the following days everyone gathered round again to play more bowling together, and my father enjoyed several rounds of baseball with our son. He appreciated the tips on the fastball techniques and claimed victory a few times at the end of the inning plays.

It's no accident that one of the best customers for the purchase of this game is nursing homes, hospital/private physiotherapy programs (the reason why we bought it here for my husband to benefit from the movement) and whole generations of families, quite literally because of the added benefits to boost circulation and the ability for muscle toning is fantastic. Compared to other video games out on the market today, this one literally gets you off the couch to shake, rattle and bowl.

If you haven't tried to play one of the Wii games yourself, may I offer you a tip on taking in a demon game live at your local computer store, toy store, or a family friend's home? Go ahead - try it. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and maybe even love it!