Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marie Antoinette comes to visit....via Allison. :-)

My dear sweet blogging friend Allison blessed me with the "Marie Antoinette Award" recently, and I apologize to her for taking so long in responding to this gift. Thank you Allison! I am humbled, blessed by you, and hope you'll forgive me. Hugs!

The rules are I have to display the icon and tag 7 other bloggers who I feel are REAL in WHO they are. So with that I grant this award to;

I want to take a moment here to announce to the world two things;

1- We had the Internet Satellite company around last week to access the property for service. Shaking my head the entire time, I bit my tongue as one of the men pointed to this tree and that tree being in the way of a clear path to their 24 degree standing satellite. In other words, our initial request for service was no longer possible, the one where the internet would refresh itself every hour with plenty of MB of space/hour. The only service available now (due to trees -blessing I have to remember!!!) is the lesser mb/hour ability that will only refresh itself every 24 hours.

First of all it was all mumbo-jumbo to me, Greek in informational digestion overload, so I asked my husband to request an approximate amount of usage time for himself per hour from the computer technicians at his work. In other words, if HE was to work from home as planned in the future, how much internet usage would he suck up, and how much would there be leftover for myself and the teen's with their online schooling uploading/downloading for lessons and such. The answer proved to be a figure to go forth with, and of course now with the tree issue, it will be a squeaker for all of us to be on the system at the same time. Spacing out our usuage time will help, so we are told.

And then, call me a prude here, but the Satellite Internet company shut down its doors for a week to vacate the premises for a tropical vacation. No matter what we chose last week for service abilities, a waiting time was before us. So, I hope to be up and running by next week. Meanwhile, if you try to reach me, I have a handy dandy cell phone as my window to the world where I can recieve (now that I now how) personal emails on it. If you write to me however, don't expect long replies as my thumbs aren't used to the keyboard just yet. (laugh)

2- Secondly, I just found a way (very happily, see me clapping!!!!) to type up and pre-blog all my writings on my computer without internet abilities at the onset, but through my Microsoft Word program there is a selection for creating a blog post, with upload abilities once online again. I am just smitten! After experimenting here today at my local coffee shop (a regular thing these days when/if I can actually acquire a table to sit at) I discovered the entire blog post uploads instantly and I mean right then and there. The only downer is the accompanying photos didn't upload with the post, which was fine because I've also discovered a way to upload up to five photos at a time on Blogger at any given time on the post I'm working on.
New things. Exciting things. And yes, Denise I promise you that I will become more and more regular now. Just you wait! I already have 13 posts almost ready to roll here....soon, baby soon. (wink)