Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello Son!

Hello Son!

Very soon after my parents left to return to the Vancouver area (three days later in fact), one of our older sons arrived to spend a five day visit with us. His preference was to soak in much time with his father, as much as possible anyway, but after the fact the benefits were many for us all.

Just my Godfather and Me

Christmas gift deliveries

He hand delivered a few Christmas gifts for all of us from he and his family but most of all, we all adored the special love notes from the grandchildren included within separate little envelopes. It was very special and oh so heart swelling...

Love letters from the grandbabes, and photos

of them too. Heart swelling stuff!

Our youngest grandbabe is getting so big now

having just celebrated her first birthday on Dec. 6th.

Time flies...

Aside from resting initially and getting used to the time change, he rolled up his sleeves to help out his mother (awwwwww) by hanging up a bunch of pictures, caulking one of the bath tubs, sealing floor tiles on a bathroom floor and painting the basement bathroom.

Rolling up his sleeves, he pitched in to help me out

Our entire basement became such a rush to complete before moving in, so only a white wash finish was able to be completed on all of the walls. Eventually the entire floor will all need to be sealed and painted properly. To be honest this all falls under that "simple" – "down the road" project list but it was a good idea to get that bathroom all sealed up and painted to preserve it from additional moisture building up in there over time.

As evenings drew to a close, there were a few late night chats while the teens spending time together into the wee hours of the morning. A few coffee chats and errands together with his dad offered his desired intended goal to flourish. Just as a popular title used on the cover of a children's book, he could say; "Just me and my dad".

Just me and my dad....

(He made breakfast for both of them in the wee early hours of the morning)

On the last morning he needed to rise very early and be whisked off to the airport by my husband when he himself traveled to work. Before our clock alarm even sounded, we heard the refrigerator open and the water running in the kitchen. I peeked out and noticed our son was up, dressed , packed, and prepared to depart when necessary. First though he had decided to bless his father with a special breakfast of egg, ham and cheese wrapped up inside of a toasted bagel, and a fresh cup of coffee accompanied the meal. As both sat talking in the darkness of the morning I could tell this was a precious moment just for the two of them, though, and I only injected for a moment to snap a photo of the two of them sitting at the breakfast bar together.

His mission accomplished, he left for the airport to return to his own family. Thanks for visiting and for all of your help son. We love you!