Friday, July 09, 2010

Airport, Drop luggage, Eat

Landing right smack into the dead center of a (hard to imagine) heat wave.

Yes, our daughter arrived safe and sound, dumped off the luggage and had a quick tour of the family home she's yet to be able to visit, and then begged for breakfast at that one famed family tooting restaurant everyone else had been able to dine at when visiting here.

She wanted her turn to dine at; ~ "Cora's"

She claimed to be "starving" after a long night in the sky on a red eye flight.

With one layover along the way in Calgary, Alberta, finally she arrived after 6am. and is attempting to adjust to the heat, the (what she calls) "gross" humidity, and catch up from her loss of sleep.

All is well....and our girl is back from being a temporary brunette to that familiar blondie/reddie coloring again.

Ah, yes, that's my girl!