Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chocolate! Ohh la la!

They decided it was time once more to bring out the multicolored wafers of chocolates, and all of our chocolate making materials.

Our two youngest are quite capable of working in the kitchen unaided, and this chocolate making is one hobby they both like to delve in to, upon occasion only though, due to all the sugary sweetness resulting from their working bee efforts.

Each brought out small saucepans, placing a few glass beverage mugs inside with water in between the two to act as a double boiler.

Slowly melting the chocolate pieces, a bit at a time, they began preparing their chosen molds and other materials.

Working with steady hands, they were really pulling out some fairly impressive chocolates!

Our daughter decided to make some chocolate lollipops to bring out to the girls at the barn, packaging them into cowboy bags.

What fun they had with detailed and precision work.

And then I noticed one of the saucepans had no water inside for that double boiler effect, the bottom of the pan showing, um, heat damage, and the hot pad the culprit placed that extra hot pan on at the counter while working, was, um, now decorated with a dark black burnt ring on the pretty blue braided cloth material.

Oh dear, safety lesson in the kitchen was swiftly in progress!
Luckily none of the glass broke while working on the gas stove melting the chocolate.


Ohh la la!