Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Video technology 101

Our son was inspired by his brother's experiences from his recent completion of a computer and technology course where his final project was to write a script, gather actors, and completely film a short story, with music and all editing polished properly.

Using an old outdated cell phone of his father's, he began to experiment with the video capability on this small device. He thought it was beyond "cool"!

And then, with permission, he developed a new style of filming, compliments of mom's former camera videography abilities. He thought this was way beyond "ever cool"!

As if he thought he had taken a deepest plunge into an abyss of technology from one device to the other, something even larger than all he ever dreamed of happened to him, and with one fell swoop, he's been hooked ever since!

You see, I placed the manual in his lap to my video camera, the one that is a bit outdated by today's standards, but a top of the line some seven years ago now when my husband first bought it for me.

His instructions were to "read it", "study it", and then "memorize it". He was also given a mandate that he had a deadline to write and execute two films, doing what he was already doing, that of, making a movie and figuring out how to perform film animations using his lego as the subject matter.

Several hours later, that big wide grin was still as it had been after he realized what this meant for him. He was being entrusted with his mother's video camera. Him. And he was delighted!

Next he required the equipment to map out the data in the first two chapters, like where are all those buttons for fading in and out, placing a date on his film footage and so much more.

He wrote a script. I have no idea what's on it, but he did complete one of them so far.

He built a backdrop using a blue pillowcase pinned to his bulletin board in our "imagination station" room.

I sneaked up there yesterday, not able before then as he's been spending hours each day this past week building, filming, doing, creating, and who knows what!

I snapped these photos noting right away his "director's chair".

I saw my tripod holding my video camera securely (wiping brow), and his "The End" board from lego in progress.

Gotta love "whetting a child's appetite" and granting them the usage of proper equipment to get their dream to come true. We'll see how this turns out. For now though, he's not only got a whet appetite but he's literally ON FIRE with the whole idea, working at his projects during the day as he is able.

He's promised his nephew the first film (who was concerned about his uncle's hands showing during filming), smiling,

..... so I love where this is all going no matter what the results turn out to be.

Deadline for this summertime assignment = August 30th.