Sunday, July 25, 2010

memories of birthday blessings

for my husband last weekend...

Ever have a day that just flows ever-so-smoothly, leaving you marveling at the end of the day just how wonderful it really was?

My husband's birthday turned out like that.

It was an odd sort of day, hot as typically usual for this summer's temperature norms, and yet the humidity seemed to fall for some reason this particular day, for a few precious hours, leaving an amount of wide opened possibilities, just perfect really to get my man back outside again!

You see, when one has tremendous respiratory difficulties, living in a bubble (house, office, vehicle) under strict climate control is absolutely necessary.
This day, he became a free man to exit the threshold of the doorway, well for a while anyway.

Everyone was in such a good mood, from early morning wake up right through to bedding down for the night at day's end. All were enthusiastic, eager and ready to make a memory for my hubby on his special day.

It was rare to be in sync like this (I know, I'm still in shock myself, laughing), and yet it was so GREAT to have such easy flowing togetherness, especially being that we had no clue what the day would/could hold for all of us!

The day was filled with content and impulsive sweetness.

  • An impromptu visit to the zoo.

There was so much to see there, new to us, small babies galore for one!

Let's see, there were three baby pot belly pigs, a week old zebra, a baby leopard, a baby black wolf, and three baby monkeys.

We never remained there long, just enough time to show hubby our local zoo, the one we have a yearly membership in support of it as a family.

  • We enjoyed a late lunch at a new to us restaurant, very cowboy like with western themed everything to observe and comment on, while we consumed our wings and things.
  • An ice cream cone with a drive along the water's edge
  • A beautiful sermon to take home in our hearts with us

  • A surprise in the dining room with candlelight and children waiting to surprise their daddy.

  • A cake that was scrumptiously delicious!

We could have had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I know everyone would have been happy about that. A lemon chiffon cake with whipped cream icing and finely grated white chocolate.

Super light and fluffy, we all commented on how exceptionally wonderful it was.

  • A cup of decaf java to savor the flavors afterward.
  • Two teens to tug their father out the door for an early (eagerly anticipated) movie, complete with them footing the bill for the tickets and filling him up with popcorn.

A day to remember?

You bet!

Happy Birthday Memories Honey!