Saturday, July 24, 2010

In training

... to compete in more horse shows this summer.

This gal did not compete in the last one our younger daughter was a part of, rather she and another gal chose to remains as helpers for the day, and work hard they did.

Competing in horse shows look all formal and yet each rider tends to make it all look so simple. Truth be told, it's all very complex training ahead of time.

First the horse and rider must be in sync together, so training to ride is one part, getting it together with a horse to become a unit for competing is quite another.

Two point riding stance (sore inner legs result)

This gal is in training, trying out several of her horse options from the barn (we don't own a horse ourselves), compliments of the owner there who is so good and gracious to all the girls who frequent her paddocks and fields.

Muscles she never knew existed are being stretched to their limits while in training, and now it's become common to find her sometimes hobbling around, all stiff and sore by morning.

New babies abound at the barn, so there is plenty of laborious work awaiting any horse enthusiast there, either before or after riding. Naturally guess where our girls are hanging out and spending many hours this summer?

Our youngest daughter was invited to come along and witness the business side of owning a horse farm, when she was given the opportunity to venture out to "Amish country" for a horse auction along with the owners and some of the gals (our oldest was working a shift at her job, but she has been before).

The owner appreciates and enjoys having the girl's input but I'm very sure she got more than she bargained for while bidding at this last auction. Instead of ending up with a new horse or two for her very busy public trail riding over summer, she was the proud new owner of seven horses!

Our young one came home brimming with tales of little boys in straw hats, and real horse and buggies with little girls in black dresses and bonnets sitting upon them. So cute to have this exposure and to hear her expressions of the unfamiliar.

Currently at the barn, all the horse lovers are attracting attention while calling themselves "horse babysitters", for the gains of that auction brought back four mares (two are pregnant), with two babies (filly and colt), and one gelding for a grand total now of five babies currently residing at the barn.

What a great environment for our children to build upon its community there, so many hands pitching in and offering their hard work.

One son is continuing with his painting job there all summer long, and our two gals are working hard helping to tack and untack for the multiple trail rides, accompanying them when able, and continuing to train horses, tend to the babies and work on their own training for upcoming competitions.

This is Lily!

She is a pony and most people visiting the barn, as well as all the regular attendees love her to bits. She is welcomed by little ones for pony rides and trail rides, but all love to play with the mound of hair falling over her eyes.

Three more horse shows have the girls wanting to train hard this summer, and excitement is continually brewing with gals chatting about the details of their "next time" with their instructor.

Love this barn life and I'm finally getting used to how our children/teens smell at the end of the day.

Really I am...